Gone Mental


artsoup media, LLC

"Visual art with soul."

Teri Homan


Healing is possible.


In 2014, I created a film about my experience into and out of madness. From the darkest moments I take you through to the other side of madness, where healing exists and love is abundant.


My journey is one of pain, darkness, anguish, and lament. It is also a journey of hope, healing, and wholeness.


My experience is unique, (as we all are). I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and a degree in Filmmaking/Animation. I have been speaking in public for years on a variety of topics from domestic abuse, suicide prevention, homophobia, and mental health.


Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, I come from a family full of brokenness and violence. Through my experience though, I learned what it means to be loved, how to love, how to heal, and ultimately what it feels like to be whole.


Join me for a story full of hope and healing. Contact me for a booking.




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